Read & Brief Cases

          An essential part of preparing for class is reading and briefing cases. An effective case brief will not only prepare you for classroom discussions, but also help you when you begin outlining for exams.

          Organizing Legal Analysis

          You should structure your exam answers using an organizational framework. IRAC is one of the most common frameworks for legal analysis. Below are resources to help you master IRAC and crafting an exam answer.

          UC Hastings Library Resources

          The UC Hastings Law Library has a wide array of books on  reserve regarding legal analysis, legal writing, and test-taking strategies. Students interested in reading books on reserve in those areas can visit the circulation desk.

          Course Outlining & Synthesis

          Creating your own outline is an imperative part of studying and preparing for examinations. Outlining can sometimes seem like a daunting task. However, there are many resources available to help you. Below you will find links to articles and books about how to effectively outline. You will also find short excerpts of different outlining styles from Hastings students. 

          General Tips

          Below are other resources with tips on how to achieve success in law school, including selecting the right study group and maintaining a school-life balance.


          Law school exams can feel intimidating. The resources below explain what to expect, how to study, and how to write an effective answer on your law school exams. 

          Questions & Appointments

          If you have any questions or suggestions for this page or would like to schedule a 1:1 appointment to discuss strategies for success, please contact Academic and Professional Success Lecturer Jennifer Freeland at