About LEOP

          The Legal Education Opportunity Program (LEOP) was created in 1969 in order to make a top-tier legal education accessible to those who come from significantly adverse backgrounds. LEOP recognizes that the traditional numeric criteria used in general admission may not be sufficient indicators of academic potential for students who have experienced significant adversity.  Adversity includes, but is not limited to, educational, economic, social, or physical adversity.

          How to Apply

          To be considered for LEOP admission, applicants must address questions in the LEOP Application Supplement.  Applicants are also encouraged to submit a second personal essay detailing the adversity they have experienced. 

          If the LEOP Committee determines that an applicant does not meet LEOP admission requirements, some applicants may be considered for general admission.  

          Individualized Academic Resources, Programs, and Services

          LEOP academic resources, programs, and services are designed to supplement existing skills, knowledge, and learning styles.