The Office of Career Services of Hastings College of the Law is located in the heart of a large metropolitan area with a highly competitive legal market. As such it has become a target for many law school graduates from other cities/states, many of whom want to use the resources of Hastings’ Career Services Office in their job searches. Our reciprocity policy is designed to fulfill our primary responsibility to serve UC Hastings College of the Law graduates, while still offering employment information to job candidates from other law schools. Hastings’ Career Services Office will provide reasonable access to resources for alumni of law schools outside of the San Francisco Bay Area per the following policy:

1. Reciprocity is available only to graduates of those ABA-accredited law schools that allow Hastings alumni to use their facilities.

2. Hastings maintains Open Reciprocity with: Santa Clara, California Western (San Diego,) University of Michigan, McGeorge (Sacramento,) and all UC Law Schools, EXCEPT U.C. Berkeley Cal Career Center. Graduates and students from these schools may visit our Career Services Office without a letter and use Hastings’ resources as described in item 5 by presenting proof of attendance (e.g., an alumni card or student ID), and vice-versa. Our office will still require advance notice of a visit to make sure there is staff present to assist with computer logins. Please call 415-565-4619 to schedule a time to come in.

3. Requests for reciprocity must be made in writing via mail, fax or email by a career services official from the graduate’s home law school and should indicate the graduate’s name, address and year of graduation. Approval for reciprocity must be granted from Hastings Career Services; No drop-in visits.

Requests should be addressed to:
Anna Borg, Reciprocity Coordinator
Office of Career & Professional Development
U.C. Hastings College of the Law
200 McAllister Street, Room 230
San Francisco, CA 94102

OR e-mail

4. If reciprocity is granted, our policy allows 3 visits within a 3-month period PER YEAR, beginning with the date of first visit. Upon each visit, the graduate must present the letter granting reciprocity from Hastings (see Item 3) along with a form of photo identification (e.g., driver’s license). Please call our office (415-565-4619) in advance to set up a time to access our job listings. This will ensure that we have staff available to assist with set up.

5. Reciprocity services include access to graduate job postings and the Career Services resource library only. We allow reciprocal viewing of our online job listings only through a computer located in our office. We are not able to provide individual passwords to our online job database. Counseling, student jobs, and participation in on-campus interviews are not included.

6. RECIPROCITY IS CLOSED from July 15 through November 15 each year due to the Fall Recruiting season.