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          Thinkers & Doers: March 6, 2015

          UC Hastings community members in the news and making moves February 21, 2015 - March 6, 2015.

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          Professor Joan C. Williams appeared on Bloomberg News.

          Media Roundup

          Professor Robin Feldman’s study (conducted with Professor Mark Lemley of Stanford), “Does Patent Licensing Promote Innovation?,” was highlighted in several articles.

          Professors Robin Feldman and Alice Armitage have written an opinion piece in The Recorder postulating that antitrust rules should not be imposed on certain patent misuse issues, such as those pending before the U.S. Supreme Court in Kimble v. Marvel. The professors have filed an amicus brief in the case. Viewpoint: Supreme Court Confuses Patent and Antitrust Issues.

          George R. Roberts '69, co-founder of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR), published an opinion piece in the Wall Street JournalBringing a Business Approach to Doing Good.

          Chancellor & Dean Emerita Mary Kay Kane has been elected to the Board of the International Association of Law Schools. IALS Governing Board.

          Professor and Associate Academic Dean Heather Field presented her paper, “Aggressive Tax Planning and the Ethical Tax Lawyer,” at the University of Toronto’s James Hausman Tax Law and Policy Workshop Series. Field Presents Aggressive Tax Planning and the Ethical Tax Lawyer Today at Toronto.

          Professor David Levine was quoted in an article about the plaintiffs’ standing in the Affordable Health Care Act case before the Supreme Court. Twist in Obamacare Supreme Court Case: Weak Plaintiffs.

          Professor George Bisharat penned two opinion pieces about this week’s $665 million terrorism judgment against the Palestinian Authority.

          Professor Scott Dodson continued to receive great press coverage for his new book, The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

          Liz Morris, Deputy Director of the Center for WorkLife Law, has co-authored an article on about discrimination against women who are forced out of the workplace because they are pregnant. Pregnant Workers’ Rights.

          Professor Marsha Cohen was interviewed for a segment on public radio’s Marketplace program about the popularity of the use of the word ‘natural’ to describe food flavors. Finding the Natural in Natural Flavors.

          Professor Rory Little was featured in a story about his work on the ABA Standards for Criminal Justice in the Daily Journal. Not available online. 

          Provost & Academic Dean Beth Hillman was quoted in an article on about a growing movement, in the wake of heightened awareness about college sexual assaults, that advocates for the right to carry concealed weapons on college campuses. Women with Guns: Is it a Solution ot Rape on Campus?

          Professor Joan Williams continued to be in high demand to discuss the Center for WorkLife Law’s “Double Jeopardy” study and the tech industry’s gender gap issues.

          The Center for WorkLife Law’s “Double Jeopardy” study continues to receive press coverage.

          Professor Jill Bronfman appeared on ABC News to discuss privacy concerns in a segment about San Francisco museum workers protesting the use of a thumbprint time clock. SF Museum Workers Protest Thumbprint Time Clock.

          Professor Rory Little appeared in several places.

          Professor Dorit Rubenstein Reiss was quoted in an article about the California legislature’s efforts to curtail vaccination exemptions except for medical reasons. Measles outbreak: California bill would end all vaccination loopholes except medical.  She will also be speaking on panel at UC Berkeley School of Public Health on March 3 to discuss “The Vaccination Gap: The Causes and Consequences of Undervaccination in California.”

          Professor Ahmed Ghappour appeared in a couple of articles.

          The Center for Gender & Refugee Studies’ recent report, Childhood and Migration in Central and North America: Causes, Policies, Practices and Challenges, was highlighted in an American Immigration Council article. What is Driving Children to Leave Central America?

          Samorn Selim, Associate Director for the Graduate Class, was invited by the Bay Area Legal Recruitment Association to give a presentation about how to find and be a sponsor in the world of legal recruitment and career services.

          The Honorable Willie Brown, Jr., ‘58, former mayor of San Francisco and speaker of the California State Assembly, has joined the ecoATM advisory board. The Honorable Willie Brown, Jr. Joins ecoATM Advisory Board.

          Mark Charles Hardie ‘97, a candidate for the U.S. Senate in California (2016), is now blogging for the Huffington Post. His first post is about racial identity. President Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, Kamala Harris, and the New World Order of Race in America.

          Knoxville native 3L Hali Ford was profiled in her hometown paper for her participation in the new season of ‘Survivor.’ Knoxville Woman Debuts on ‘Survivor’ Tonight.

          Ali Marquart ’10, co-founder of Marquart & Small, a law firm that represents models and fashion designers, was profiled in the Park Record for her unique career path, which was forged while a student at UC Hastings and has garnered her a spot on the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in the law and policy category. Forbes-Recognized Lawyer Finds Fashion Industry Is Just Her Style.

          Paul Vapnek, a former UC Hastings Professor who specialized in legal ethics, died on March 1. Mark Steiner ’79 was quoted in Vapnek’s obituary. Paul Vapnek, 86, Advanced Legal Ethics in California.

          A.J. Brady ‘04, Marin County Deputy District Attorney, was interviewed by the Marin Independent Journal. Marin Snapshot: Corte Madera’s A.J. Brady Thinks Outside the Pox.

          Tim Harmon ‘88, CEO of the Moana Restaurant Group based in San Rafael, was profiled in the San Francisco Business Times.  

          John Norton Pomeroy, one of UC Hastings’ founders, was profiled in an article. Commentary: Rochester’s Most Famous Attorney – One You’ve Never Heard Of.

          Damon Nagami '01 will participate on a panel on Wednesday, April 1 at 7:30pm at the Hammer Museum addressing the effects of fracking on the quality and quantity of the nation’s water. Fracking and Our Water.

          UC Hastings was mentioned in several articles on a diverse array of topics.

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          UC Hastings is committed to the principle that the pursuit of knowledge and the free expression of ideas is at the heart of the academic mission, whether in the classroom, in the selection of clinical projects and clients, and in research, scholarship, public presentations, and contributions to public fora. This is especially true when the ideas or subjects are unpopular or controversial in society, as orthodox ideas need no protection. No person or organization outside the academic community should be permitted to determine which ideas or projects may be explored, expressed, supported or endorsed. Read the full policy here.


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