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          Thinkers & Doers: April 16, 2015

          UC Hastings community members in the news and making moves,  April 10, 2015 - April 16, 2015.
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          Anna Hancock ’10, owner of Pugs Leap & White Whale Farm. Credit: Russell Yip, The Chronicle.

          Media Roundup

          Professor Emeritus Brian Gray penned an op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle about whether Ted Cruz, as a Canadian, is qualified to be president of the United States. Citizen Cruz.

          Congratulations to Professor Richard Zitrin who will receive the San Francisco Justice & Diversity Center’s Crystal Award on May 12 for his outstanding service in the public interest. In addition, he has written an opinion piece for The Recorder about law firms’ requests of advance waivers from clients despite ethics rules that generally don’t permit them. Viewpoint: Law Firms Put Themselves Before Clients with Advance Waivers.

          Professor David Levine appeared on KTVU news in a story about two recent police chases that have resulted in the deaths of innocent bystanders. Police Pursuits with Fatal Consequences Point Up Different Policies.

          A new study by Professor Robin Feldman and Institute for Innovation Law Research Fellow Evan Frondorf (to be published in the Stanford Technology Law Review), “Patent Demands and Initial Public Offerings,” has received a good deal of press coverage.
          • IPOs Make Cos. Vulnerable to Patent Suits, Study Says.
          • Patent ‘Trolls”’ Target Companies Going Public: Study.
          • Professor Feldman and Frondorf - Patent Demands and Initial Public Offerings - A Comment.
          • An AP article indirectly mentions the research. This Year’s Fight for the Tech Industry: Patent Trolls.

          Professor Feldman’s paper, “Why Bio & Pharmaceuticals Are at Risk,” was mentioned by U.S. Representative Zoe Lofgren in a recent House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Innovation Act.

          Professor Hadar Aviram spoke on KQED and KCBS about the Schweder v. U.S. federal District Court decision, which ruled against the motion to reclassify marijuana out of the Schedule I classification.

          Professor Ahmed Ghappour was extensively quoted in article claiming that U.S. authorities have bought questionable hacking tools for years. DEA, US Army bought $1.2M worth of hacking tools in recent years.

          Professor Jill Bronfman has written an educational and humorous blog post on drone regulation for her alma mater, USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism. Alumni Column: Very Personal Air Traffic Control.

          Professor William Dodge was quoted in a New Republic article about Cardona v. Chiquita Brands International, a case that could determine whether U.S. law can hold multinationals accountable under the Alien Torts Act for wrongdoing that occurred overseas. The Supreme Court Needs to Decide: Can Victims Sue Chiquita For Sponsoring Terrorism?

          The Center for WorkLife Law was cited in many articles about the NY Attorney General’s investigation into the staffing practices of 13 retailers for the research it is currently conducting on behalf of Gap into the company’s scheduling policies.

          • In Fortune: New York AG Questions 13 Retailers Over Staffing Practice.
          • In the Wall Street JournalRetailers Are Under Fire for Work Schedules.
          • In the L.A. Times: 13 Retailers Questioned by N.Y. Attorney General about Worker Scheduling.
          • On Gap and Target Among 13 Stores Probed for Hourly Wage Practices.
          • On Retailers’ On-Call Shifts Denounced by N.Y. Attorney General.

          Professor Rory Little was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle about the likelihood of convictions in police shootings when video evidence exists. Video of Police Shooting Isn’t a Lock for Criminal Conviction.

          Professor Joan Williams appeared in a few articles.
          • She was cited in a story about flexibility in the workplace and how the term has been co-opted by employers to determine how much and when their employees should work. The ‘Flexibility’ Misnomer.
          • She was quoted in article about Google’s internal efforts to end workplace discrimination. Google’s Other Big Project: Curbing its Own Prejudice.
          • Her remarks to Inside Higher Ed in response to a recent Cornell study claiming that hiring practices for tenure-track STEM positions favor women were cited by several publications. Advantage Higher Ed.; Study Finds, Surprisingly, that Women Are Favored for Jobs in STEM.; Bias in Hiring Female STEM Faculty.

          Congratulations to Kerry Brockhage ’84, Senior VP & Chief Legal Counsel, Business & Legal Affairs, Content Distribution, NBCUniversal, for her inclusion in Variety’s “Legal Impact Report 2015.” The Variety Legal Impact Report 2015.

          Anna Hancock ‘10, owner of Pugs Leap Cheese and White Whale Farm, was featured in an article about the revival of artisan dairy farming in Marin and Sonoma counties. Petaluma’s Farmstead Dairy Revival.

          Tom Gede ’81, Vice Chair of UC Hastings’ Board of Directors and a partner at Morgan Lewis, recently spoke at the Guiding Indian Law conference hosted by the Indigenous Law & Policy Center at Michigan State University. The conference explored the development of two of the most widely used treatises on Federal Indian Law, Cohen’s Handbook of Federal Indian Law and the Conference of Western Attorneys General’s American Indian Law Deskbook. Gede authored the Deskbook’s chapter on Indian Gaming and served as one of the book’s editors. 

          Mia Chiu ‘07 has been appointed the new General Counsel of Ebates Brings on New GC.

          Rob Walker ’13, an associate at Donahue Fitzgerald LLP and a research fellow with UC Hastings’ Technology and Privacy Project, appeared on the web program “This Week in Law” to discuss IP and privacy issues in the news. This Week in Law 293.

          Christopher Adams ‘09, a labor and employment lawyer, has joined LightGabler LLP as an associate. New Partners, Associate, Staff at LightGabler LLP

          3L Hali Ford was voted out on “Survivor: Worlds Apart,” but lasted long enough to become the season’s first jury member. Being ‘Genuine’ on ‘Survivor’ May Have Been Knox Woman’s Million-Dollar Mistake. 

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