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          UC Hastings Professor Joan Williams welcomes U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for a conversation that touches on a broad range of subjects, from opera to marriage to work/life balance, doctrinal questions, and cases from the 1970's to present, including the court's role in establishing individual rights and equal protection. 
          Tuesday, September 05, 2017

          Thinkers & Doers: August 2017

          The 25th Amendment -- California Supreme Court awards alumnus precedent-setting ruling -- War on Sexism in Silicon Valley -- Professor Wu’s Australian Tour -- Governor Jerry Brown's latest alumni appointees -- Bitcoin for the legal community -- What Do Dreamers Do Now? -- and much more
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          UC Hastings students catching a glimpse of August's solar eclipse on the Beach. Sometimes your future is so bright, you have to wear eclipse glasses.

          Professor Joel Paul was interviewed by KRON on the process of how President Trump could be removed from office through the 25th Amendment. 
          -- "Congress should be very reluctant to lower the standard there. We don't want to have a situation where Congress remove an opposition President because he's not of their political party," said Professor Paul in an interview for ABC7 News discussing the call for the removal President Trump under the 25th Amendment. 

          Is the US asking Central American refugee applicants to expose themselves to risk? Professor Karen Musalo provides commentary for an article in Vox. 

          Read Professor Robin Feldman’s article “How Big Pharma is hindering treatment of the opioid addiction epidemic,” which was recently published in The Conversation. 
          -- Professor Feldman’s article was later shared by entrepreneur Mark Cuban to his nearly 7.5 million followers on Twitter. 
          -- Professor Feldman discussed pharmaceutical drug prices in a segment for OSU Radio. 
          -- "Lack of access to addiction treatment drugs like Suboxone can be traced, in part, to the soaring prices, access problems and anti-competitive conduct that has become business as usual in the pharmaceutical industry across the board," said Professor Feldman in an article for United Press International on the current administration’s vow to win the opioid crisis fight. 
          -- Joe Nocera of Bloomberg News interviewed Professor Feldman about drug pricing and David Marcus of The Deal interviewed Professor Feldman about patent trends at the Federal Circuit.
          -- “Shkreli is not out of the woods yet. A conviction on three counts is no small matter, and judges take that seriously,” said Professor Feldman in an article for MedCity News on the trial of now infamous ‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli. 

          Professor David Levine commented on the problems with San Jose’s controversial $500 fireworks fines, in an interview with NBC Bay Area. 
          -- "I would be concerned that the investigation has gone up another notch or appears to have gone up another notch," said Professor Levine in an interview with CBN News on Special Counsel Robert Mueller reportedly impaneling a grand jury for his ongoing probe into the alleged Russian involvement in last year’s election. 
          -- Professor Levine was interviewed by the Associated Press to analyze what the Mueller grand jury really means. 
          -- Professor Levine commented for KQED News on the lawsuit filed by five transgender troops stop President Trump’s plan to ban them from the military. 
          -- Professor Levine also provided commentary to KTVU News on the search warrant issued against Paul Manafort.

          Distinguished Professor Frank H. Wu completed a speaking tour throughout Sydney and Melbourne, Australia with numerous engagements, including King & Wood Mallesons Dream Week, the Asian Australian Lawyers and Women Lawyers in Sydney and Melbourne, The Sydney Bar Association, Victoria Parliament House lunch with community leaders (hosted by the Honorable Hong Lim), Chinese Community Council of Australia (Victoria chapter), University of Sydney Law School, and University of Melbourne Law School. 
          -- Professor Wu was a featured guest on the Model Majority podcast. 
          -- Professor Wu was live streamed around the world during his recent visit to Google HQ to give a talk for their Asian American Pacific Islander employee group.
          -- Check out Professor Wu in the latest editions of New South Wales Law Society Magazine and A-List Magazine. 

          “If he had said ‘anybody who is interested in challenging the requirement that we go to diversity training, come meet with me,’ then he would have a very strong case,” opined Professor Reuel E. Schiller in an article for the Independent discussing the Google employee fired over a diversity memo. 

          “If the risk doesn’t look immediate, it’s probably not neglect,” said Professor Dorit Rubinstein Reiss in an article for ProtoMag on whether refusing a vaccine for a child qualifies as neglect. 
          -- Professor Reiss was quoted in a newsletter from the Council on Foreign Relations that addresses global health. 

          "Sound research is needed to determine a proper cut score," said Chancellor & Dean David Faigman when discussing his continued fight for a fair California Bar Exam pass line. 
          -- Dean Faigman addressed the UC Hastings community at large with a special message on the recent incidents in Charlottesville, Virginia. 
          -- Dean Faigman was named as one of the American Bar Association’s 10-member Commission on the Future of Legal Education to help develop a roadmap to rethink legal education. 
          -- Dean Faigman has become an “anchor” in discussions about the appropriate California bar exam cut score, says the Recorder. 

          Professor Heather Field published a special report entitled “Tax Opinions & Probability Theory: Lessons From Donald Trump.” 

          “We must realize that we forgot an important sector of social disadvantage, which is social class, but it is not convincing to say we should go beyond identity politics,” said Professor Joan C. Williams when discussing how the Democrats must recover the support of the middle classin an article for the New York Times.  
          -- Professor Williams was referenced as an expert in an article for the Atlantic that attempts to answer the question of “Why Do Women Bully Each Other at Work?” 
          -- Professor Williams was mentioned in an Above The Law article about equality for women in law. 
          -- "What that engineer expressed is an attitude that's common in engineering, which is that engineering is technical and pure, and that anything else that has to do with social issues is unrigorous and doesn't belong in engineering," said Professor Williams in an article for the Merced Sun-Star on the firing of a Google employee for comments he wrote in a ‘diversity memo.’ 
          -- Professor Williams wrote an article for the Guardian entitled “Liberal elite, it's time to strike a deal with the working class.” 
          -- Professor Williams’ book was quoted in an article in the Boston Globe that discusses the Equal Rights Amendment. 
          -- “Just to have women being public about the kinds of things that are happening to them—and I’m thinking here about Uber and having other women come forward as well… it can be powerful,” opined Professor Williams in an article for The Verge on the new war on sexism in Silicon Valley. 
          -- “The question is not so much about why ‘they’ (the white working class) voted for Donald Trump, but why our own realities are so far removed from our fellow voters,” summarizes Professor Veena Dubal in her promotion of Professor Williams’ book White Working Class: Overcoming Class Cluelessness in America. 
          -- Professor Williams’ book also received a rave review from the American Lawyer. 

          A recent lawsuit alleges that Fox News and the Trump administration fueled an unsubstantiated narrative that deceased Democratic National Committee Worker, Seth Rich, was the source of hacked DNC emails that showed up on WikiLeaks and Professor Rory Little provided some legal insight for an article for PolitiFact. 
          -- “They probably can’t deny it. There is a First Amendment right to assemble and a First Amendment right to speak,” said Professor Little in an interview with KPIX5 discussing the City of San Francisco’s hope that the National Park Service will deny the Patriot Prayer group a permit for a rally in Crissy Field, out of fear of violence. 
          -- In an article for High Country News, Professor Little suggests that juries have long been influenced by cultural norms outside the courtroom and this could be the reason why the “Bundy crew” keeps winning and the feds keep losing in cases against public land occupiers. 
          -- “Somebody with that kind of record, I would hesitate before I let them out," said Professor Little in an interview for ABC7 News about the man with four prior indictments now accused of killing a Sacramento County sheriff's deputy, “but that doesn't mean deciding to hold a suspect is an easy call.” 

          Professor Jill Bronfman concludes that many companies have run the cost-benefit analysis and found that encouraging employees to bring their own devices to work is actually a win-win for the parties, in her article for the Daily Journal entitled “BYOD and beyond: How smart is your smartphone policy?”

          "I think they're hoping that somehow, they can sift through all that information and find information that identifies the small number of people who engaged in some violent activity. But, you don't get to search people's reading material based on that kind of wild fishing expedition," said Professor Matthew Coles in an interview for KTVU on the DOJ’s request for 1.3 million IP addresses related to a Trump protest site. 
          -- Jane McMillan of KCBS’ IN Depth asks Professor Coles to explain what is, and is not, protected by the First Amendment in regards to the Charlottesville and hate speech. 

          Congratulations to Professor Yvonne Troya, who got married to her now husband Tom Ehnle at San Francisco City Hall.

          In an article for the New York Times, Professor Zachary Price argues that if the government uses information Dreamers divulged, expecting that it would not be shared, it would constitute entrapment if used against them. 
          -- Professor Price discusses Congress’ bet against equal sovereignty for SCOTUSBlog. 

          Professor Hadar Aviram met up with other leading scholars, including Professor Osagie Obasogie, in the studios of KQED to talk about the law, moral luck, and prosecutorial discretion in America for the latest edition of Life of the Law. 
          -- Professor Aviram was interviewed by KTVU to analyze different scenarios for President Trump's removal from office.

          "A critical stumbling block will be whether the FTC determines if there’s significant overlap among the markets served by both the Cooper and Lourdes health systems according to legal guidelines used by the agency," said Professor Tim Greaney in an article in NJ PEN about the merger of two of the largest health systems in south New Jersey. 

          Professor Jaime King and Professor Greaney will both be speakers at the "Next Steps in Health Reform 2017" event in Washington, D.C. hosted by American University Washington College of Law. 

          “If you work for a company, you often have some idea how things are going,” said Professor Jared Ellias in an article in the San Francisco Chronicle on what happens to employees when a gig economy company folds. 
          -- Is it that sophisticated litigants seek jurisdictions that offer judicial expertise and predictable application of the law, or is it that sophisticated litigants seek to game the system by seeking out judges more likely to be biased in their favor? “In What Drives Bankruptcy Forum Shopping? Evidence from Market Data, Professor Jared Ellias empirically tackles these important and perennial questions in the bankruptcy context,” says Professor Jodi Short. 

          “Boards are so unpredictable and this one seems as if they’re at each other’s throats,” said Professor Alice Armitage, director of the Startup Legal Garage, in an article for the San Francisco Chronicle on the daunting challenges the new CEO of Uber will face. 

          “To me, the most interesting story was one with sweeping political implications: the story of how progressive San Francisco abused the cab drivers while systematically favoring the likes of Uber,” notes Professor Joan C. Williams in her commentary on Professor Veena Dubal’s scholarly articles Wage Slave or Entrepreneur? and The Drive to Precarity. 

          The Center for Gender & Refugee Studies (CGRS) was granted funding by the Chai Giving Circle for its work as an outstanding organization combating issues in the civil rights arena. 

          “Allowing parents to bring older children to work on an emergency basis is really just good business practice in many cases, since the alternative would usually be that the parent takes the day off of work and doesn't get anything done at all,” said Hilary Rau, a staff attorney at the Center for WorkLife Law, when discussing the issue of welcoming kids to the workplace in an article for Inside Higher Ed. 

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          -- "Mayor of the Tenderloin," Del Seymour, overcame his past and is now helping the neighborhood's residents turn their lives around. 

          -- The San Francisco Human Rights Commission hosted numerous events across the City as “Community Conversations” to help promote their Help Against Hate initiative. 

          -- The Larkin Street Association is hosting its annual Autumn Moon Festival on September 30 at Larkin Street and Ellis Street. 

          ON CAMPUS:

          -- UC Hastings was honored to host Professor Hsien-Te Lin, Executive Director of the Taiwan Green Building Council, at the “Green Building 2017 & Beyond” event. 

          -- Wayne Stacy and Sarah Guske, Intellectual Property (IP) partners at the international law firm Baker Botts L.L.P., have been named Adjunct Professors to teach a ground-breaking experiential patent litigation course here at UC Hastings that focuses on the unique aspects of litigating in front of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (the first patent course of its kind to satisfy the ABA requirements on experiential learning). 

          -- UC Hastings hosted LGBTQ Law Day on campus to help bring awareness to increase LGBTQ representation in law schools and the legal profession. 

          -- The San Francisco Intellectual Property Law Association (SFIPLA) and the UC Hastings Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA) will be hosting The Slants to perform a concert and discuss their recent US Supreme Court win in the case of Matal v. Tam, 137 S.Ct. 1744 (June 19, 2017). 


          -- 3Ls Sammy Chang and Andres Ramos were in New York to represent UC Hastings at the American Bar Association’s annual meeting. 

          -- Congratulations to 1L Ramon Becerra-Alcantar and 2L Lucy Garcia for each receiving the Justice & Diversity Center (JDC) of The Bar Association of San Francisco’s 2017 Bay Area Minority Law Student Scholarship. 

          -- 2L Kimberly Willis, 3L Nirvesh Sikand, and 3L Samantha Ricci stayed energized this summer at the California Public Utilities Commission. 



          -- Julia Olson '97 and her colleagues at the nonprofit Our Children's Trust are "waging one of the most ambitious environmental law cases in history," according to Portland Monthly. 

          -- Gioconda R. Molinari '93, James A. Ardaiz '74, Dylan L. Schaffer '90, B. Mark Fong '81, Ara R. Jabagchourian '99, Brian J. Malloy '04, Roger A. Dreyer '80, Dean A. Alper '84, Eric M. Abramson '81, William B. Smith '73, Alice W. Wong '92, Lisa P. Mak '08, Leslie Levy '82, and Joseph J. Appel '79 were all featured in the San Francisco Chronicle's Northern California Leading Lawyers 2017. 

          -- Judy Appel ’95 is looking to go from the Berkeley School Board to the California State Assembly. 

          -- “We were able to work with the court to find a system that will provide notice to people about their rights and ability to pay and make it clear that people have that right,” said Raegan Joern ‘09, a staff attorney at Bay Area Legal Aid, when discussing Solano County Court’s halting of license suspensions for poor drivers for CBS. 

          -- Rosalio Castro ’92 was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown as a member of the California State Board of Parole Hearings. 

          -- Settling Up: Lawrence E. Wayte '61 was featured in the Daily Journal’s Verdicts & Settlements section.

          -- Dylan Schaffer ’90 represented a Plaintiff in an action before the California Supreme Court, which issued a precedent-setting ruling in favor of his client that will now allow a homeowner in California whose home has been badly damaged, but not destroyed, to be entitled to coverage for the cost of repairing the home, even if that cost far exceeds the property’s market value. 

          -- Hooman Yavi ’15, Director at Replate, is utilizing the Startup Legal Garage (for which he worked with as a UC Hastings student) to ensure stakeholder success at his company #fullcircle. 

          -- Zoe Dolan ’05, whose firm now includes blockchain and cryptocurrency representation and recently celebrated 9 years in practice, received a full acquittal of a client from a federal jury in the Central District of California in a case that involved a marijuana seizure exceeding 2,800 pounds and an indictment naming more than a dozen individuals as defendants.

          -- Why are bitcoin and blockchain relevant to the legal community? Noel Edlin '82 explains in an article for Law Technology Today. 

          -- Tracy Holland ‘97 participated in the 2017 US Rowing Masters National Championships in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where her team won bronze and silver medals. 

          -- Governor Jerry Brown has named Katherine Zalewski ’86 chair of the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. 

          -- Bud & Bloom dispensary, founded by Aaron Herzberg ’96, was nominated by the Dope Magazine Southern California Industry Awards for the “most charitable” and “best atmosphere” awards. 

          -- Making Deals: Andrew D. Garelick '94, Saundra Riley '01, Anahita Razmazma '10, Elizabeth A. Garland '02, Jeffrey R. Vetter '90, Paul E. Jahn '93, Vlad J. Kroll '08, Erik F. Franks '06, Emily Zipperstein '11, Stephen Fronk '96, Geoffrey M. Kuziemko '00, Christopher Trester '13, and Kevin P. Kearney '15 were featured in the Daily Journal's Dealmakers section.

          -- Jeanette Acosta '16 spoke at the Tony Patiño Fellowship selection dinner on the theme of "Leadership and Life Challenges" -- in her case, Stage 4-A cervical cancer. 


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