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          In conversation with UC Hastings Professor Joan C. Williams.

          UC Hastings Professor Joan Williams welcomes U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for a conversation that touches on a broad range of subjects, from opera to marriage to work/life balance, doctrinal questions, and cases from the 1970's to present, including the court's role in establishing individual rights and equal protection. 
          Tuesday, October 03, 2017

          Thinkers & Doers: September 2017

          National Law Journal’s 2017 Winning Litigators -- Uber’s “Hell” program -- Foie gras off the menu in CA -- Comments on the Hash Lab Murder Case -- Pao Effect fighting the bamboo ceiling -- Top 10 LLM Program in California -- New neighborhood hotspots -- and much more
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          Professor Chimène Keitner speaking on a panel for the Forty Years of Rhodes Women Conference at Oxford University.


          Professor David Levine was interviewed by the Associated Press to discuss the decision by a three-judge federal panel, which rejected the Trump administrations and said close relatives of people in the U.S. should be allowed to enter the country. 
          -- “I think these plaintiffs are on very strong ground, with the idea that it would be really unfair … for the government to be able to use information collected when they applied for DACA status,” said Professor Levine in a KQED News interview on the state of California suit against the Trump administration over DACA. 
          -- Professor Levine was asked to opine on a dating service breach of contract controversy for KGO.
          -- Professor Levine appeared on KQED News Forum to answer Constitutional questions. 
          -- “It’s a longshot that the ban won’t go into effect,” opined Professor Levine for the Associated Press on whether the appeals court can reinstitute the ban on foie gras in California. 
          -- Professor Levine discussed the consequences of a gymnasium contract dispute for KNTV.
          -- A garage explodes, a man dies and now four face life in prison, but “[o]nce you start down the road of a felony, you are responsible for whatever results," explained Professor Levine in for the North Coast Journal about the “Hash Lab” murder case. 
          -- Professor Levine also made numerous appearances on KTVU to discuss everything from DACA to the San Francisco soda ordinance litigation, to the “Travel Ban 3.0.”

          The Careerist, Vivia Chen, chatted with Professor Joan C. Williams about "clueless elitists" in an article for 
          -- Research from Professor Williams was cited by USA Today to show that Asian women report experiencing as much bias, and sometimes more, than other women do in the workplace.

          Professor Zachary Price discusses Congress’ bet against equal sovereignty in his article for SCOTUSblog.

          -- Professor Price was quoted by the Wall Street Journal in its article entitled “Supreme Court Set to Ponder Conservative Priorities.” 

          “Would breaking up Google and Amazon create more jobs and spur economic growth?" This Op-Ed article by Professor Samuel Miller was first published by Verdict and now can be found in Newsweek. 

          Professor Alice Armitage commented for SF Gate on Uber’s contradictory practice of defying the San Francisco treasurer’s subpoena seeking driver information for business-license registrations, while also seeking to track drivers for both Lyft and Uber for their “Hell” program. 

          Professor Chimène Keitner spoke on a panel on “Speaking Up for the World: Rule of Law and Justice” at Oxford University for the #40YearsRhodesWomen Conference. 

          Professor Dorit Reiss comments for Shape Magazine on the reasons parents don't vaccinate (and why they should). 

          "If such tactics are widespread, and I suspect they are, the Pfizer case will be the beginning of a wave of cases, challenging a behavior that helps drug companies erect competition-free zones, long after a drug's patent has expired," said Professor Robin Feldman in article for the Wall Street Journal on Pfizer’s antitrust lawsuit filed against Johnson & Johnson. 
          -- This article was later republished by Fox Business News. 

          The Jewish News of Northern California spotlighted Professor Morris Ratner and congratulated him on becoming the new academic dean. 

          The Nebraska Supreme Court cited Professor Scott Dodson’s Georgetown Law Journal article entitled “Jurisdiction and Its Effects” in its decision in the matter of Karo v. NAU Country. 

          Distinguished Professor Frank H. Wu explains how to be against racism and for free speech in an article for the Huffington Post. 
          -- Professor Wu will be delivering the opening keynote speech at the “This Land is our Land: Chinese Pluralities Through the Americas” International Conference of the Chinese Historical Society of America. 
          -- Professor Wu was a Delegate for the United States at the official US-China Social and Cultural Dialogue that received Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong in Washington, D.C.
          -- Is tuition discounting the problem or the remedy? Professor Wu discusses for Inside Higher Ed. 

          Professor Binyamin Blum was awarded the Israeli Law & History Association's Best Legal History Article Award for his article "Hounds of Empire: Forensic Dog Tracking in Britain and its Colonies 1888-1953," 35 Law and History Review 621 (2017). 

          Professor Dave Owen is this year’s recipient of the Rutter Award for Teaching Excellence.
          -- Professor Owen submitted some comments on the Trump Administration’s current attempt to roll back Clean Water Act Protections, suggesting that scrapping the clean water rule is unlawful and unwise. 

          Professor Rick Marcus’ latest scholarship entitled “Bending in the Breeze: American Class Actions in the Twenty-First Century” appraises the future of the federal class action. 

          Professor Jim Wagstaffe ’82 was recognized by the National Law Journal as one of the 2017 Winning Litigators. 

          “I think there is very little interest in understanding on the part of this administration as to who are refugees and our country’s commitment to protect people fleeing persecution,” said Professor Karen Musalo in a Reuters article lamenting the administration’s policy towards refugees, especially the termination of the special Central America Minors program, intended to provide protection for youth at high risk of persecution in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. 
          -- Professor Musalo participated in a roundtable of academic experts focused on the regional refugee crisis in Central America that was convened by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and took place in San José, Costa Rica.

          Professor Joel Paul’s book “Without Precedent: Chief Justice John Marshall and His Times” is set for release in February. 

          Professor Rory Little is slated to interview California Solicitor General Ed DuMont at the State Bar of California Litigation Section’s Inaugural Appellate Summit. 
          -- Professor Little will be a guest speaker at the Bar Association of San Francisco’s 2017 U.S. Supreme Court Preview. 
          -- The American Academy of Appellate Lawyers asked Professor Little to be a panelist to speak on the topic of the future of the Federal Courts at the 2017 AAAL Fall Meeting. 
          -- Professor Little participated at an ABA Criminal Justice Section Task Force meeting in Washington D.C.

          Professor George Bisharat gave a talk at the Crown Center for Middle East Studies at Brandeis University. 

          Professor Ugo Mattei will be the keynote speaker at the International Ecological Documentary Festival Planeta.Doc in Florianopolis Brazil.
          -- Professor Mattei will be in a panel with former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and Spanish Podemos party leader Pablo Iglesias in Madrid at the European Commons Assembly plenary meeting. 
          -- Professor Mattei’s book “Ecology of Law” has already been released in Italian and Dutch versions, with forthcoming translations in Russian, Turkish, Korean, Swedish, and Portuguese, confirming the global growing importance of the commons paradigm during the current period of stress of representative democracy. 

          Professor Tim Greaney’s commentary entitled “Coping With Concentration” was published in Health Affairs. 

          Professor Jessica Vapnek co-wrote an article with Peter Boaz ‘15 and Alfred Fofie, a Ghanaian-American lawyer, entitled “Resolving Disputes and Improving Security in Post-Conflict Settings: An Example from Liberia,” which was recently published in a peer-reviewed journal in the U.K.

          Professor Jaime King’s article on Freestanding Emergency Departments entitled “Don’t Hate the Player; Hate the Game” was published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine. 

          An amicus brief co-written by the Center for WorkLife Law (with ACLU Women's Rights Project) helped persuade the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold the jury's decision in the case of Stephanie Hicks v. City of Tuscaloosa. The court adopted many of the legal analyses propounded by the Center and held that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act require employers to provide job modifications to workers who are breastfeeding. 
          -- A 2015 study puiblished by the Center for WorkLife Law, which found that 46.9 percent of Latina scientists reported that they had been mistaken for administrative or custodial staff, was cited in an article by Remezcla that recognizes 10 Latinas making their mark in the STEM world. 

          A comprehensive report conducted by the Center for Gender & Refugee Studies (CGRS) entitled Childhood and Migration in Central and North America was referenced by Fatherly in its article on what will happen if girls are deported to El Salvador. 
          -- Research from the CGRS informed this -- brutal, intense -- article on the girl gangs of El Salvador, from Pacific Standard magazine. 
          -- Christine Lin, senior staff attorney heading up the CGRS’s California work, was awarded the Legal Aid Association of California’s 2017 Award of Merit for a Legal Services Attorney, which recognizes attorneys who improve access to justice in California through legal services. 
          -- The CGRS issued a statement condemning the “Muslim Ban 3.0.” 

          IT'S OCTOBER:

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          John Crawford – Scott Dodson – Keith Hand – Evan Lee – Joel Paul – Ascanio Piomelli – Aaron Rappaport – Dorit Reiss – Margaret Russell – Steven Bonorris – Jessica Vapnek – Laurel Rus – Nicholas Thieme – Jayme Jackson – Victoria Mackie-Ainslie – Kathleen Daley – Nancy Kato – Yma Richel Nabong – Sarah Hooper – Mario Lopez – Stephen Lothrop – Anna Garfink – Ed Elie – John Pennington – Elise Traynum – Deborah Tran – Hadas Livnat

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          -- The Proper Hotel and its mid-Market restaurant Villon are open for business. 

          -- The City of San Francisco organized numerous events around the Civic Center as part of their Help Against Hate Community Conversations. 

          -- Art Wraps for the Heart of the Tenderloin began installation of artist-designed vinyl wraps on 20 SFMTA traffic control signal boxes and 22 DPW trash cans in the Tenderloin neighborhood. 

          -- The Asian Art Museum is making an investment in itself and the community by constructing a new, 13,000-square-foot exhibition Pavilion and Art Terrace added to the east side of the museum’s Civic Center home. 

          ON CAMPUS:

          -- Zen'ichi Shishido, Professor of Law at Hitotsubashi University, spoke on the topic of "Japanese Corporate Governance from the Perspective of Family Firms" as part of the East Asian Legal Studies Speaker Series. 

          -- The UC Hastings East Asian Legal Studies Program, the UCSC East Asian Studies Program, and the Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly co-sponsored a symposium on Hate Speech Laws in Japan in Comparative Perspectives, which included the presentation of a paper by Professor Rory Little entitled “I Hate Hate Speech: Why a Carefully-drafted Hate Speech Ban is Not Unconstitutional in the U.S.A.” 

          -- Introducing the inaugural issue of The Judges’ Book. 

          -- UC Hastings hosted a Book Passage speaking series on “Our Experimental Constitution” that featured lectures from Chancellor & Dean David Faigman, Professor Joel Paul, and Professor Reuel Schiller on the historical context of many constitutional principles that affect the U.S. today.

          -- This year’s Gordon Mathis Riley Memorial Lecture in Environmental Law featured Professor John Leshy in an engagement entitled “Our Common Ground: Public Lands and America's Greatness.” 

          -- The new UC Hastings Street Pole Banner campaign is in full effect #ForJustice. 

          -- APALSA and SFIPLA brought the headline-making band, the Slants, to UC Hastings for a live performance and to discuss their recent U.S. Supreme Court victory. 

          -- UC Hastings profiled among the "Most Innovative Law Schools" in America by PreLaw Magazine (with a special nod to the Startup Legal Garage and Institute for Innovation Law). 

          -- The UC Hastings LWR & Moot Court presented an Appellate Advocacy Community Panel on the Supreme Court Case Jordan v. United States, which included federal and state prosecutors, a public defender, and Jordan's attorney, Ruth Vernet. 

          -- Professor Rory Little organized, moderated, and presented at the UC Hastings annual “Supreme Court Review and Preview” panel, which included Professor Radhika Rao, Professor Zachary Price, and Judge Vince Chhabria as featured panelists.

          -- UC Hastings was named as one of the Top 10 LLM Programs in California according to LLM Guide. 


          -- 1L Nicholas González was named co-chair of the San Francisco LGBT Community Center. 

          -- 3L Sammy Chang wrote about high cut scores on the bar exam in an article for ABA For Law Students. 

          -- Hastings Homeless Legal Services will be awarded the prestigious Brennan Award by the St. Vincent de Paul Society of San Francisco. 

          -- 2L Victor Escobar, who once faced deportation, seeks to help undocumented immigrants. 

          -- 3L Griffin Estes advocates for the marginalized people of San Francisco. 

          -- Members of the UC Hastings chapter of If/When/How are making a difference through lobbying, fundraising and career development. 



          -- The New York Times’ California Today wanted to remind us that it was in September of 1878 that Clara Foltz passed the bar exam, making her California’s first female lawyer (& later compelled UC Hastings to allow women to attend through a successful lawsuit). 

          -- "The farm workers founded the whole idea of environmental justice," says Randy Shaw '82 in the upcoming documentary about Dolores Huerta, an unsung heroine of the workers' rights movement, entitled "Dolores." 

          -- Eugene Ryu ’00 has been named “Alumnus of the Year” by the Korean American Bar Association of Northern California. 

          -- "It's not about the dollars and cents at the end of the case. It's really about taking someone's confidence and trust... and showing another human being that you care," said Minh Nguyen '02 the latest episode of Master Practice. 

          -- P.J. Javaheri ’05 founded Power Liens and Verdict Videos to both improve an attorney’s access to physicians that work on lien and transform a client’s complaint into a Dateline-style presentation for mediation or arbitration. 

          -- Leslie Levy ’82 is being awarded the California Women Lawyers’ prestigious Fay Stender Award. 

          -- Emily Erdman ’14 is continuing her success as an associate at Paul Hastings LLP (note: this is a correction from a mistaken class note in the Fall 2017 Magazine associating Erdman with a different firm). 

          -- Sara Aminzadeh ’07 was appointed to the California Coastal Commission. 

          -- William C. Gordon ’64 was honored by his alma mater Whittier High School more than 60 years after his graduation in 1955. 

          -- Don't miss the screening of the film “And Then They Came for Us” with a post-film discussion with filmmaker Abby Ginzberg '75 and Zahra Billoo '09. 

          -- Lynne Hermle '81 was recognized by the National Law Journal as one of the 2017 Winning Litigators. 

          -- Tyler Cramer ’77 was named by U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to the National Assessment Governing Board, overseeing The Nation’s Report Card. 

          -- Joy Chang ’05 was listed among the "Ones to Watch" in Legal Week's Private Client Global Elite listing for 2017. 

          -- Table + Teaspoon Founder Liz Curtis ’09 brings the Dinner Party to you, according to 7x7. 

          -- Pamela Fulmer '91, Lynne Hermle '81, Lindsay Llewellyn '08, Loni Mahanta '07, and Kristin Sverchek '07 were all named as 2017 Women Leaders in Tech Law by the Recorder. 

          -- Settling Up: James I. Jaconette '95, David W. Hall '10, Drew E. Pomerance '81, Stacey D. Chau '11, Kirk J. Wolden '88, Mei-Ying M. Imanaka '11, and Tuhin Roy '99 were featured in the Daily Journal’s Verdicts & Settlements section.

          -- Okan Sengun LL.M. '10 helped found the Center for Immigrant Protection’s LGBT Asylum Project. 

          -- Peter Boaz ’15 now has a permanent position at Tetra Tech DPK, which implements USAID and other international rule-of-law projects. 

          -- Helga Turku ’12 co-authored (along with Professor Jessica Vapnek and Peter Boaz ’15) a paper entitled “Improving Access to Justice in Developing and Post-Conflict Countries: Practical Examples from the Field.” 

          -- Universal Music Group named Adjunct Professor Tuhin Roy ’99 as their VP of New Digital Business. 

          -- Tuhin Roy ’99 was also featured as one of Billboard's 2017 Digital Power Players, guiding the future in music and tech. 

          -- Ryan Harrison, Sr. ’14 was named as one of Sacramento Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 winners. 

          -- Don’t forget to check out the Fall 2017 Magazine. 


          Yes it is! #lifeintheloin #uchtcob

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          The UC Hastings community extends its heartfelt condolences to the family of William Hulsy ’67 and Joel Shawn ’66.

          -- William Hulsy ’67 initially pursued his passion for the political arena, working for the Republican Party as an administrative official and campaign manager and later became a Long Beach City Prosecutor. After honing his courtroom skills, he developed a private practice closer to home in Santa Ana and practiced law for forty years at Hulsy and Hulsy, until the day before he passed away. 

          -- Joel Shawn ‘66 practiced civil and criminal law, but specialized in family law as a long-time partner at Kipperman, Shawn & Keker. He later formed the frim Samuels & Shawn with his wife Dee Samuels. 


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